The staff of Orange TV posing for a photo with their awards

Orange TV Shines throughout a Quarter Century of Excellence


In 1995, when Orange TV began as a 24-hour broadcast station that televised programming related to Orange County Government services and activities, it was a small operation that employed two dedicated staff members focused on providing value-added programming for local residents. Now, almost 25 years later, it’s an award-winning operation with 10 full-time employees, five on-call freelancers and a state-of-the-art production facility that continues to raise the government-access programming bar.

“I started here as a freelance cameraman 19 years ago, and I immediately saw it had the makings of something special,” said Mike Seif, Orange TV Station Manager. “We were doing important work” he said. “I realized we were actually serving the community, and there were a lot of impactful things we were doing with kids and the elderly, as well as for various communities across the county.”

He remembers one of his first projects … creating a video about grants that were being given out to rebuild homes in Richmond Heights. Homes in that community had fallen into disrepair, and people didn’t have the money to repair them, but they didn’t trust the government employees who were coming to their front doors saying they were eligible to have their homes rebuilt. The purpose of the video was to break the ice and educate residents on the grants.

“When the video aired, people were calling the station asking how they could get involved in the project and help fellow residents,” recalled Seif. “And that was when it clicked for me … the most rewarding thing is when you’re effecting change.”

Orange TV will be 25 years old next year, and it continues to produce quality and impactful programming. One of the station’s most important roles is covering local government meetings for Orange County. It was recently recognized by the 40th Annual Telly Awards as winners in seven separate categories. Since 2004, the station has won more than 50 Telly Awards. There’s no question Orange TV can compete with the best in local, region and cable television.

“By watching Orange TV, residents can see their government in action and see how their tax dollars and elected officials are working for them,” concluded Seif. “We take pride in providing that service to residents.”

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