Lake Silver Elementary School Participates in Severe Weather Awareness Week with Orange County’s Office of Emergency Management

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This week, the Florida Division of Emergency Management in partnership with Orange County’s emergency management team, focused on its public awareness campaign regarding various weather hazards that frequently impact the state and region. With an active El Niño season and hurricane season starting June 1 through Nov. 30, citizens are encouraged to plan, prepare and be ready for severe weather now.

Orange County District 3 Commissioner Pete Clarke visited the second grade class at Orange County Public School’s Lake Silver Elementary on February 24 for a reading of Professor Tinkermeister and the Wacky, Whiz-Bang, Weather-Watching Wonder. The children’s book highlights the importance of severe weather awareness and precautions for staying safe. Orange County’s Office of Emergency Management also provided weather radios to each student so their families are prepared at home for severe weather conditions.

“It was a true pleasure to visit Lake Silver Elementary School and read about severe weather with the students,” Commissioner Clarke said. “They were very eager to learn about how to stay safe during a storm and were quite knowledgeable about the different weather conditions that affect our region. It’s great that Orange County Public School teachers and administrators are making students aware of the dangers of severe weather.”

Orange County employs several methods of communicating important information regarding severe weather hazards to residents. Various communications tools are available, including television, radio, cell phones/smart phones, email and dedicated radio receivers. Orange County’s mobile apps provide tips and alerts to help you stay safe. You can download the following apps for free at the OCFL Apps page.

  • OCFL Alert is a first-of-its-kind emergency notification and information smartphone app that provides critical information during times of emergency. Life-saving information includes open shelter locations, water and ice distribution centers, evacuation routes, public service announcements and much more. (Android | Apple)
  • OCFL 311 is a smartphone app that allows users to photograph, pinpoint and report any problem you may encounter before, during or after the storm. All of this can be done directly from your smartphone to Orange County’s 311 Service Center. (Android | Apple)
  • OCFL News is Orange County’s latest smartphone app and it’s the first of its kind. The free mobile app provides citizens with breaking news and information about their government. Orange County is the first government organization in Florida to offer citizens breaking news and information about their government on their mobile devices. (Android | Apple)

For more information on Severe Weather Awareness Week, visit the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Photos from Commissioner Clarke’s reading at Lake Silver Elementary School may be found on Flickr for use by the media.

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