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Message from the Mayor

Welcome to The Source, Orange County’s primary government information directory. I hope you will find this resource useful and convenient. The Source provides you with all of the key contacts in Orange County Government categorized alphabetically by our many service areas. The Source contains information about other important public service agencies that do business in Orange County.

Through The Source and our many communication tools, our goal is to get you the information you need, when you want it…easily, conveniently and accurately.

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Telephone, TV & Internet

You can access information about Orange County 24 hours/365 days a year through various sources:

  • The County’s official website at;
  • Orange County Government’s 311 line;
  • Orange TV, found on:
    • Spectrum cable channel 488 | Comcast Cable channel 9 | Century Link Prism TV Channels 81 and 1081 HD | Digital antenna over-the-air channel 10.2 | Live streaming on the web, | Roku TV in the Educational category
    • Vision TV, found on: Spectrum cable channel 492 | Comcast cable channel 98 | CenturyLink Prism TV Channel 82 and 1082 HD | Digital antenna over-the air channel 10.3 | Live streaming on the web,

Mobile Apps & Social Media

For important news, emergency information and general alerts, Orange County’s unique OCFL Alert, OCFL 311 and OCFL News apps are available to download for free on Apple and Android devices. During emergencies, the newly upgraded OCAlert system sends emergency alerts, notifications and life-saving instructions directly to targeted neighborhoods via text message and email.

Additionally, OCFL Serves provides a convenient way to search and sign up for community service opportunities within Orange County Government. Volunteer opportunities include roles at Fire Rescue, Parks and Recreation and local nonprofit organizations. Our newest app, OCFL Atlas, provides citizens the ability to access real-time data as it relates to development projects in the County, including board meeting details and project locations.

I encourage you to subscribe to my monthly newsletter, Mayor Demings’ Digest, You may also connect with me on Facebook,, or on Twitter, @OCFLMayor.

As always, I thank you for staying connected with your local government as we continue to nurture and grow a community culture of innovation, collaboration and inclusiveness, and as we work to make Orange County a community that works for everyone.

Jerry L. Demings,
Orange County Mayor


Please note: The online Source directory is published by the Orange County Communications Division. The material contained herein is intended for informational purposes only for use by the general public. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, Orange County Government, its officers and employees shall not be liable for any errors or omissions contained herein, or from any loss, damage or injury that may result from reliance thereon. All phone numbers, admission rates, websites and information contained herein are subject to change.