Mayor Teresa Jacobs at Orange County Animal Services

Mayor Teresa Jacobs and Board of County Commissioners Promote Lake Walk Program at Orange County Animal Services

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Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the Board of County Commissioners made a special visit to Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) in an effort to help garner interest and attention for the shelter’s Lake Walk expansion project.

The Lake Walk program encourages volunteers and staff to take a shelter dog out for a stroll around a cleared path just outside the lake on OCAS property. The initiative was designed to promote exercise among dogs and their human friends.

“I am a dog person myself and love this idea, which is why I was so excited to come out here and help launch the Lake Walk program with the shelter,” said Mayor Teresa Jacobs. “Even though we are situated in a metro-area, the shelter is located on a piece of property with lots of free space and a lake, allowing the ability for dogs to take a break from the kennel and get some fresh air. The dogs should be able to enjoy that as much as possible.”

In addition to each taking a shelter dog out for a walk, Mayor Jacobs and the County Commissioners took a facility tour to explore the recent renovations and upgrades underway at the shelter.

“We are so fortunate here at OCAS to have a tremendous Mayor and supportive Board of County Commissioners,” said OCAS Division Manager Dil Luther. “We know how busy they are, so to have them all here just shows how important the shelter and our animals are to them.”

Since many of the dogs at OCAS were previously homeless before being rescued, those interested in participating in the Lake Walk are encouraged to complete the OCAS volunteer program which provides the fundamental skills to handle and work with animals that may have little or no training. In April, OCAS hired its first dedicated trainer to work with animals that may need a little extra attention or training before finding their new home.

While the dogs are housed in large kennel runs with ample space, the walking path is aimed to offer more time to stretch their legs or take a break.

OCAS is always looking for animal-lovers who are willing to provide a little extra attention to the animals at the shelter. To learn more about how you can volunteer and to get involved with programs like the Lake Walk, visit

To view a listing of all animals available for adoption through Orange County Animal Services, visit

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