Four Decades of Service: Orange County Public Works Employee Celebrating 42 Years

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Orange County Government is a great place to work. But don’t take our word for it. One in ten County employees has two decades or more serving our residents.

To be exact, as of March 31, 2020 there will be 1,074 Orange County Government employees with 20 years or more of service, which is an impressive milestone. Now double that number and add two. That’s how long Mike Casey has been working in the Public Works Department. 42 years of service is no small feat.

“I started full time in 1977 after hearing about a job opening from a friend,” recalled Casey, currently a foreman in the Roads & Drainage division. “I remember having to get my chauffeurs license so I could operate our trucks. I was young and willing to learn anything.”

The Public Works Department designs, constructs, operates and maintains the County’s roadways, drainage systems, traffic control devices and pedestrian walkways. It consists of seven divisions, including Development Engineering, Fiscal & Administration, Engineering, Roads & Drainage, Traffic Engineering, Highway Construction and Stormwater Management.

As a Roads & Drainage foreman, Casey is responsible for daily maintenance projects. “Our goal is to ensure all County roads are traversable, with public safety being our biggest priority,” he asserted. “Whether it’s a pothole, fallen tree, raised sidewalk or clogged storm drain, we want to remedy the problem right away and keep traffic flowing.”

Casey has gotten to know many co-workers and residents over the years, and he feels fortunate to have worked in a community where everyone is committed to maintaining a high quality of life. Having seen massive growth over four decades, he understands maintaining County roads is more important than ever, but with a team committed to public service, he knows the job will get done.

Photo of Mike Casey with all of his work colleagues being honored at the 2018 Employee Service Awards ceremony.

“What I’ve enjoyed the most is the satisfaction that comes with providing an important service to residents in a timely manner,” he said. “And the team at Public Works has always been totally committed to achieving this; I’ve loved being a part of that.”

Part of that commitment is giving back to the community he loves. Casey has supported the United Way and Great Oaks Village through dedicated payroll deductions for years. “This has always given me great satisfaction,” he said, “and I appreciate that the County takes employees to these places so they can see how their contributions are making a difference.”

These days, Casey constantly gets nudged about retirement. “Now what would I do if I retired?” he nudges back. “The truth is, I really love my job and don’t want to stop doing it.”

Photo cutline: Mike Casey was recognized in May 2018 for 40 years of service at Orange County’s Employee Service Awards ceremony.

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