Orange County Corrections Department Serves as Model Jail

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Impressed with the Orange County jail operations and physical layout, members of the Pasco County Jail Expansion Team paid a visit to get an in-depth look.

“We toured the facility and were particularly impressed with the booking area and laundry facilities,” said Pasco County Corrections Lieutenant Kimberly Riggans.

According to Riggans, Pasco County wants to base part of its design for a new 1,000-bed facility on Orange County’s support functions such as laundry, kitchen, warehouse and loading dock.

“We hope to implement something similar to Orange County’s operations at our agency,” said Riggins. “That includes a safe booking concept, staff dining area and mini-mart, because we think it will help promote staff morale and well-being.”

Orange County Corrections Major Malik Muhammad and Lieutenants Willie Bush and Clint Rashall served as subject matter experts and hosts for Pasco officials.

We wish Pasco County well in designing and building its new facility.

For more information on Orange County Corrections Department, click here.

Photo cutline: Left to right are Lt. Clint Rashall, Lt. Willie Bush, Major Malik Muhammad and Lt. Kimberly Riggans, Deputy Patrick Reid,  Corporal Billy Russell, Deputy Troy Bowen, HOK Senior Project Designer Tommy Sinclair.


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