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Orange County Toughens Parking Standards and Enforcement Tools


Every year, The Orange County Sheriff’s Office receives hundreds of complaints regarding improperly parked vehicles. The issues range from cars left on the side of the road with no tags or current registration, to RVs or trailers parked in front of people’s property for months, to semi-tractor trailers clogging up narrow residential streets.

The fix seemed easy … “just giveem a ticket or tow it!” However, our state and local laws didn’t make it that simple for law enforcement. Oftentimes, their answer was a frustrating “Im sorry, there just isnt anything we can do.” Until now.

Well aware of frustration, Orange County transportation planners and the Sheriff’s Office parking enforcement specialist worked to develop a comprehensive set of parking standards and enforcement tools.

The new standards make it clear that Orange County road rights-of-way (ROW) should not be used as parking lots for oversized trucks nor as storage lots for abandoned vehicles.  Additionally, the group found that existing fines for improper truck parking didn’t have enough teeth, so violators simply ignored the rules.

On September 1, 2020, the following changes were approved by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (these changes pertain to all roads in unincorporated Orange County) and will take effect November 2, 2020:

  • $150 fine (up from $30) for parking commercial dual rear wheel vehicles in the ROW
  • $30 fine OR tow for parking a vehicle with no license plate or current registration
  • $30 fines for parking a trailer in the ROW
  • $30 fine for parking an RV in the ROW
  • $30 fine OR tow for vehicles parked under car covers
  • $30 fine for blocking a mail delivery location (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

The full list of parking standards can be found in Chapter 35 of the Orange County Code, which can be accessed on Orange County Planning’s webpage. For information and resources about towing, visit the Towing Information webpage.

Complaints for parking violations should be directed to the Sheriff’s Office Parking Enforcement Unit by dialing the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number 407- 836-HELP (4357).

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