Three orange county commissioners posing for a photo in front of a screen that reads "2020 Oath of office Ceremony"

2020 Oath of Office Ceremony

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County Commissioners at the Orange County Convention Center. It was a socially distanced event with a little over 70 guests in attendance.

District 1 Commissioner Nicole H. Wilson was sworn in for her first term as an elected official. District 3 Commissioner Mayra Uribe and District 5 Commissioner Emily Bonilla were also sworn in and took the oath of office after being re-elected to their districts.

“I welcome our newcomer to the Board Commissioner Wilson and look forward to continuing to work with the veteran members of our Board, Commissioners Uribe and Bonilla,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings. “All of these Commissioners are wholeheartedly dedicated to do the work of the people. They put their heart into their work and have a commitment to public service. We are proud to have them as local leaders.”

Close family and friends of the Commissioners along with other public officials attended the ceremony, which was broadcast live on Orange TV.

All of the Commissioners shared their humble thanks and enthusiasm in serving the residents of Orange County.

“Most of us – regardless of our politics or views – all want the same types of things for our communities and families. When we put our heads together, we can accomplish great things. My parents have instilled in me that my word is my bond, and I take this oath with that commitment in mind.” — District 1 Commissioner Nicole H. Wilson

“I am proud to be born and raised in District 3, the District in which I now represent. Serving my community is better than anything I could imagine. I ask residents to see the strength in their community and government’s leadership, as well as realize the power and faith that we the people of Orange County collectively have. In this role you must stay calm, composed and compromise in order to see the bigger picture so that all of us can work together.” — District 3 Commissioner Mayra Uribe

“As elected officials, we must take action and make decisions with care. One bold action from a community member can make such a positive impact in other people’s lives. I consider myself an introvert … and not one you would typically consider to run for public office. However, through my journey I have encouraged all of you to talk to your neighbors and get involved in your local government. Everyone can make a difference.” — District 5 Commissioner Emily Bonilla

Watch the full 2020 Oath of Office ceremony.


Photo Caption: District 3 Commissioner Mayra Uribe, District 1 Commissioner Nicole H. Wilson, and District 5 Commissioner Emily Bonilla during the Orange County Government Oath of Office ceremony on Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

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