Energy Conservation at Home

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Summertime usually means higher electric bills. Residents and business owners can reduce electric and water bills with a variety of available programs. Doing your part to conserve ensures clean sources are available for generations to come.

Consider energy-efficient appliances, windows, and doors when building or renovating. Did you know your home’s air-conditioning systems make up to 60 percent of your electric bill? Take a whole-house approach to seal gaps, air leaks, and add insulation.

As you make replacements or identify areas for savings you can take advantage of rebates and financing to help offset the cost and pay for the improvements.

Orange County’s Solar & Energy Loan Fund (SELF) offers energy-efficient replacements for income-qualified seniors. The SELF program offers all residents access to financing options and project management assistance for home improvements such as air conditioning, roofing, and windows. Additionally, residents who are considering going solar can save by joining Solar United Neighbor’s co-op in Orange County and the City of Orlando.

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