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Hurricane Ian: Prepare your Construction Sites


With the continued updates in forecast for Hurricane Ian, flooding rain and high winds are expected to be a major concern in Orange County. Orange County Government’s Public Works Development Engineering section has developed several reminders about preparing your construction sites for Hurricane Ian:

  • Remove inlet protection from streets prior to the storm to help alleviate potential flooding impacts. Make sure you are checking for and removing fabric from underneath grates in drop inlets and removing any obstructions or accumulated debris from storm lines.
  • Remove any temporary plugs from control structures to allow normal flow of water from your site.
  • Remove/secure all building materials so that they do not become projectiles. Empty dumpsters and have them removed, if possible.
  • Clean up and remove all loose trash from your site.
  • Remove portable toilets or relocate to a secure location, such as inside the garage of a house under construction.
  • Remove or secure portable fuel containers and any hazardous materials stored on site to minimize the chance for spills. Store chemicals away from drainage areas and areas prone to flooding, preferably inside a weather proof building or remove them from the site.
  • pipe overflowRepair existing perimeter BMPs and add additional BMPs to areas adjacent to wetlands and waterbodies, such as temporary berms. Apply temporary stabilization when possible. Consider flooding impacts to existing property and adjust BMPs accordingly.
  • Remove roadway MOT/TTC signs, message boards, cones, drums and other traffic safety devices if allowable.
  • Secure your detour mechanisms to not become projectiles and/or block the flow of water into the stormwater system.
  • Have your post-storm BMP and clean-up plan in place. There will be failures during a hurricane, however you must have a plan in place prior to the storm arriving so that you can immediately start addressing any impacts, should they occur, after it is safe to do so.

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For emergency storm updates, visit For more information about storm readiness from Orange County Government and contact information for Orange County’s Office of Emergency Management, visit

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