Celebrating Creativity and Conservation: Water Conservation Calendar Awards Ceremony

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Orange County Utilities and Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) recently gathered for the 19th annual Water Conservation Calendar Awards Ceremony to spotlight the imaginative works of K-12 students promoting water conservation and sustainability.

At the start of each school year, OCPS K-12 students are invited to craft 2-D art pieces while middle and high schoolers have the exciting option of painting rain barrels. The contest culminates with the selection of thirteen winning art pieces and painted rain barrels, all of which earn a spot in the water conservation calendar. In April, the winners are recognized at a special awards ceremony before their families, teachers, and principals.

“Remarkably, over 10,000 students from 40 schools participated in this year’s art contest,” said Orange County Utilities Director Ed Torres, underscoring Orange County’s commitment to nurturing young talent and environmental stewardship.

The educational lesson about water conservation lies at the heart of the calendar contest. Engaging students with a hands-on project to promote water awareness makes it more likely that they will remember its importance and apply it in their everyday lives.

“This partnership between Orange County Utilities and OCPS signifies our dedication to instilling environmental awareness in our future leaders,” noted Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings. “Through art, students not only unleash their creativity but also start on their journey as advocates for water conservation and sustainability in their communities.”

The 2024 water conservation calendar featuring the award winning entries can be viewed here. Orange County Utilities printed 4,000 copies, distributing them to valued partners and sponsors including OCPS, the American Water Works Association, the Florida Water Environment Association, and the McCoy Federal Credit Union.

OCPS Program Specialist Christy Garton, who has been actively involved in the contest for years, added, “The impact of this art contest extends well beyond the awards ceremony. It cultivates a culture of environmental responsibility, empowering students to shape a greener tomorrow.”

With each passing year, the awards ceremony leaves a lasting impression on students, parents, and staff, a constant reminder of the connection between art, collaboration, and conservation.

Visit occonservewater.net to learn more about water conservation.

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