Stop, Look and Listen: Traffic Signal Safety Tips

Public Health & Safety

Imagine a world without any traffic signals; chaos comes to mind. During power outages, stoplights often malfunction causing mayhem for both drivers and pedestrians.

Here are a few reminders to keep you safe:

  • Flashing Red: Treat the light as a stop sign. Be sure to look in all directions before carefully advancing through an intersection.
  • Flashing Yellow: Slow down and proceed with caution through the intersection.
  • Lights out: Treat an inoperable stoplight as a four-way stop. Don’t expect other drivers to follow suit. Observe crossroads and pedestrian crossings and then proceed with caution.

Obeying these rules will keep you safer during times of uncertainty. Orange County residents can Dial 311, download the OCFL 311 mobile app, or call 407-836-3111 to report non-emergency incidents.

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