Orange County Animal Services Announces “Bridgerton” Themed Promotion, Adoption Fees Reduced Starting Thursday

Orange County, FL – Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) announced today a special promotion that gives residents the chance to pick their diamond pet of the season just in time to watch the new episodes of the hit Netflix show “Bridgerton.” The shelter’s spin on the series is called “Lady Whiskertown” and features vintage-style graphics and reduced adoption fees beginning Thursday, June 13, when the new episodes premiere, through Sunday, June 16.

The “Lady Whiskertown” promotion reduces adoption fees to $10 for pets ready to make their debut into society. Those pets will be labeled as “ready to go home,” which means they have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. The shelter currently has nearly 60 pets eligible for the discounted rate. The remaining pets are available at the standard fees – $55 for dogs and $40 for cats

The “Bridgerton” promotion coincides with a point of peak inventory for the shelter, which is now housing 367 pets in its location near the Mall at Millenia and assisting in the care of an additional 277 pets in foster care.

We have a total of 644 pets under our umbrella of care at the moment, which is a significant number,” said Diane Summers, Manager for Orange County Animal Services. “This influx of animals is unfortunately common in the summer. In addition to kitten season, many people are often traveling or moving and it generally leads to an increase in people surrendering pets, abandoning them or our division needing to confiscate them from poor situations.” Just for the month of June, OCAS has accepted 450 cats, the majority of which were kittens, and 264 dogs.

The shelter’s website showcases information on adoption, the foster care program and the available pets.

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