Recovered Burn Patient Meets Firefighters Following Life-Threatening Auto Accident

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Burn patient Nam-Hai Le stands with firefighters from Fire Station 70 who saved his life during a
critical-care incident in July 2012.

Orange County firefighters reunited recently with a burn patient that they treated in July 2012. Following a violent accident that resulted in a fully involved car fire, Nam-Hai Le made it his mission to locate the crew who tended to his injuries at the scene and thank them for their care and extraordinary efforts that ultimately saved his life.

The crew determined that the patient required a trauma care due to his life-threatening injuries. Several years later, they were astonished to learn the patient’s outcome because the man’s recovery was not expected to be favorable.

“It is a rare occasion that our dispatchers and firefighters are made aware of the outcomes of the patients they have treated,” said Orange County Fire Rescue Chief Otto Drozd III. “I am proud to learn that our firefighters provided exemplary care that resulted in the best possible outcome for the patient.”

With the help of social media, the patient finally connected to the lieutenant who assisted in treating him on the scene. The patient and crew embraced the opportunity to meet and once again recount the critical moments of that grim July night and to celebrate the life of a young man who was involved in a tragic accident.

The reunion took place at Fire Station 70 and included crew members who were on the scene and responded to the accident. During the reunion, the patient and crew spoke with local media about this young man’s inspiring story. The crew received a Unit Citation Award for their dedicated efforts and extraordinary patient care.

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