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Referendum Election – Proposed Amendments to The Orange County Charter

During the November 4, 2014 general election, Orange County voters will consider four (4) separate ballot measures proposing amendments to the Orange County Charter:

Ballot Question A – Regarding Elections on Citizen Petition Initiatives

For the purpose of allowing citizens more time to consider referendum elections on initiative petitions and to provide certainty regarding petition submittal requirements, shall the Orange County Charter be amended to require petition initiatives to have sufficient signatures verified at least 150 days prior to the next primary, general or special election?


Current and Proposed Charter Language for Question A


Ballot Question B – Regarding Limiting the Power to Amend the Charter

Shall the Orange County Charter be amended to limit the amendment of the Charter by initiative, and the enactment, amendment or repeal of ordinances by initiative, where the initiative concerns the regulation of employer wages, benefits, or hours of work; or the encumbrance or allocation of tax revenues not authorized by law or conditioned upon a prospective change in law; and to impose prohibitions on the Board of County Commissioners?


Current and Proposed Charter Language for Question B


Ballot Question C – Moving Countywide Charter Office Elections and Making All Charter Office Elections Partisan

Shall the Orange County Charter be amended to move elections for all Charter offices elected countywide to 2016 and every four years thereafter, abbreviate the term of any office as necessary to comply with this provision, change all Charter office elections from nonpartisan to partisan elections and eliminate procedures required for nonpartisan elections?


Current and Proposed Charter Language for Question C


Ballot Question D – Providing Term Limits and Non-partisan Elections for County Constitutional Officers

For the purpose of establishing term limits and non-partisan elections for the Orange County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Comptroller, Property Appraiser, Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections and Tax Collector, this amendment provides for county constitutional officers to be elected on a non-partisan basis and subject to term limits of four consecutive full 4-year terms.


Current and Proposed Charter Language for Question D

For more information visit the Supervisor of Elections website.

Learn more about the Orange County Charter amendment process.

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