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Orange County Animal Services Wait ‘Til 8 Program Saves over 160 Kittens

Orange County, Fla. – Orange County Animal Services launched their Wait ‘Til 8 program, where citizens are empowered and provided the tools to care for underage kittens in their home, until the kittens are old enough (eight weeks) to return for sterilization and adoption. More than 60 Orange County citizens have participated in the program with over 160 kitten lives saved.

“Many residents are unaware of the staggering volume of abandoned kittens the shelter receives throughout the summer months – sometimes dozens in a single day,” said Diane Summers, manager of Orange County Animal Services. “It’s a problem that we as a community can solve if we work together and this program will be key. Kindness for Cats, Inc. and shelter staff have united to launch Wait ‘Til 8 and provide motivated residents an easy way to save lives. It has proven successful in its pilot stage and I’m eager to see the continued impact now that it is fully unleashed.”

A kitten being bottle-fedDue to the year-round Florida warm weather, kitten season is close to lasting all year long. Cats start reproducing and continue to have several litters. During this time, Orange County Animal Services experiences a massive influx of intakes of kittens and mother cats. Underage kittens without their mothers are at high-risk when brought into shelters due to the vulnerability of their health. This is where the Wait ‘Til 8 program begins to help save the lives of underage kittens.

“As a long time foster parent I’ve learned how important it is to provide a safe home environment for underage kittens to thrive.” said Cindy Patton, founder of Kindness For Cats, Inc. “I also realized that many community members want to help when they find kittens in need but often are not sure how to go about it. The Wait ‘Til 8 program empowers concerned citizens by giving them guidance and resources to not only care for kittens but also to network to find adopters for the kitties once they are old enough to be spayed/neutered.”

Learn more about the Orange County Animal Services Wait ‘Til 8 program.

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Three kittens with their mother

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