Sustainable Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Discussed in Meadow Woods Community Meeting

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Meadow Woods, FL– Orange County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson recently addressed the issue of pedestrian safety and public transportation to a crowd of more than 50 residents in the community of Meadow Woods. In attendance were representatives from Best Foot Forward, Lynx, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and Orange County Public Works.

Although many of the transportation and pedestrian safety improvements have been in the works for some time, Commissioner Thompson was insistent upon hosting a meeting with the community following a tragic pedestrian safety incident in the area less than two months ago.

“We can make all the safety improvements in the world and put signs up on every corner, but if people don’t know to yield to pedestrians, then it’s all for nothing,” said Commissioner Thompson.

The meeting addressed many issues raised by area residents, including requests for tree trimming to help improve lighting, a review of sidewalks near Weatherbee Road, and a possible evaluation for new stop signs in the area.

Commissioner Thompson discussed the new traffic signal that was recently activated at the Landstar Boulevard intersection near the McDonald’s to help eliminate confusion and help Orange County Fire Rescue respond to calls more efficiently. Also discussed was another new traffic signal being installed in the coming months at Rhode Island Woods Way and Whyndam Lakes Boulevard.

“These new signals should make it much easier for drivers and pedestrians in the area,” said Commissioner Thompson about the new safety improvements.

Commissioner Thompson discussed the new bus route she’s been working on and District 4 residents were excited to learn about the new Lynx FastLink 418. It is scheduled to begin operation on April 18 and will connect riders in Taft and Meadow Woods to the Florida Mall, SunRail and Medical City, including Nemours and the VA Hospital.

Joan Carragher from Best Food Forward shared safety tips and explained Florida traffic laws as they pertain to yielding when a pedestrian is present. Lieutenant Garrison closed the meeting by sharing area crime statistics with residents. Residents were also reminded of the importance of locking their vehicle doors to take the ‘opportunity’ away from crimes of opportunity.

For the bus route map and schedule please click the following link:

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