Emergency management personnel

Orange County’s Office of Emergency Management 10 a.m. Sept. 11, Press Briefing

Public Health & Safety

Orange County’s Office of Emergency Management advises residents to stay safe as recovery efforts begin for Hurricane Irma. To put Hurricane Irma into perspective, based on preliminary assessments, the damage from this storm appears to be far greater than what Orange County experienced from Charley in 2004.

The mandatory curfew remains in effect through 6 p.m. Crews are still assessing damage on the roads, downed power lines and traffic lights.  This curfew does not apply to emergency responders, employees at hospital and health care facilities and critical staff for businesses that provide essential commodities and services. Patience is needed to ensure the removal of debris, the safety of first responders and recovery crews.

The Orange County Emergency Operations Center is activated at a Level 1. For official Orange County emergency information, visit www.ocfl.net/Irma.


There are strike teams throughout the County – including Orange County Fire Rescue, Public Works, Utilities, law enforcement partners and power companies – responding to public safety emergencies. The teams are assessing infrastructure and property damage. The teams will begin to restore the loss of infrastructure and resources.
Orange County continues to monitor developments related to the sinkhole in the Apopka Vineland and Colonial area. Orange County Fire Rescue teams safely evacuated residents who found safe shelter in a nearby clubhouse and with family and friends.

In spite of significant proactive efforts to minimize potential flooding, about 130 homes off Kirkman and Old Winter Garden Road, experienced significant flooding. Fire Rescue transported these individuals, with the assistance of the National Guard, to a nearby shelter.


In Orange County, 18 shelters remain open. About, 4,300 individuals, along with 200 pets took refuge in these shelters. Overnight, several shelters experienced intermittent power disruptions.


Orange County is experiencing widespread power outages. As of 8 a.m. on Monday, Duke and OUC are reporting nearly 300,000 homes without power in Orange County.  Due to power outages from Hurricane Irma, Orange County Utilities is also experiencing widespread outages of wastewater pump stations.

Orange County asks residents to minimize their water use for activities such as toilet flushing, bathing, washing dishes or laundry.

If residents have filled bathtubs with water in preparation for the storm, please wait to drain this water for at least one day or until power service is restored in your area.


  • There was one report of a traffic fatality during Hurricane Irma assess.
  • About 60 percent of Orange County Fire Stations are currently operating through backup generators.
  • Orange County’s 911 dispatchers have received 1,381 calls to 911 between Sunday, midnight through 5:45 am. Monday.
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