Mayor Demings standing on stage during the 2020

Mayor Demings Delivers Virtual 2020 State of the County Address


On Friday, June 26, 2020, Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings hosted the annual State of the County address. This year, the address was presented virtually, reaching more than 10,000 users on social media and covered by multiple local media outlets.

During his remarks, Mayor Demings detailed to residents the community projects and initiatives that were championed by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners, as well as the strong fiscal health of the County.

Mayor Demings also acknowledged the hardship that many families and businesses are experiencing due to COVID-19, and unveiled the “Safer, Stronger, Together” regional campaign that is a call-to-action for each resident and business to do their part in making our community safer.

“We will not allow a pandemic to knock us off course,” said Mayor Demings. “Instead, we are destined for greatness! We have 175 years of history to prove that. We are a community that stands up to a challenge and comes back safer … stronger … together.”

Watch the OCFL Update Recap:

Watch the full 2020 State of the County  on Orange TV, on YouTube, or on Vimeo.

Photo Caption: Mayor Demings awaits his cue on stage before going live with the virtual 2020 State of the County Address.

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