Orlo Vista Flood Mitigation Project Approaches Milestone

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*In March 2023, Orange County Stormwater Management excavators began digging muck out of three drained retention ponds in the Orlo Vista neighborhood of Orange County to prevent flooding, and the great news is that the excavation work will be substantially complete by the beginning of the 2024 hurricane season.

The excavation will almost triple the capacity of the three connected ponds that overflowed during Hurricanes Irma and Ian, flooding nearby homes. The ponds will be 10 feet deeper than before the excavation started and better prepared to handle heavy rain.

“With this excavation, we’ve created millions of gallons of additional storage for stormwater run-off,” said Liliana Ramirez, assistant project manager. “As a result, residents and their homes are going to be much better protected than in previous years.”

The flood mitigation project’s goal is to make the ponds capable of handling a 100-year storm or 14.4 inches of water in three days. Future weather events could surpass a 100-year storm, but those occurrences are extremely rare.

In addition to increasing the capacity of the ponds, Orange County will also improve the efficiency of the pumps that connect the ponds so when a severe weather system approaches, the level of water in the ponds can be lowered to help handle any sudden influx of stormwater.

“We want to make the residents of Orlo Vista, and all flood-prone neighborhoods in the region, safer from these kinds of heavy rain events,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings. “This type of excavation will most certainly make a difference and protect the surrounding homes from potential flood damage.”

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