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Five Pet Safety Tips For the Halloween Weekend

ORLANDO, FL—October 29, 2015—While thousands of citizens are preparing for fall festivals and trick-or-treating events, Orange County Animal Services is encouraging pet owners to take special caution with their pets.

“Halloween is a unique holiday that can present a few pet safety concerns,” said Division Manger Dil Luther. To avoid unnecessary vet trips and stress for a pet, Orange County Animal Services has five tips to help people and pets have a safe holiday.

  1. No Chocolate – Chocolate in all forms can be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Please watch your children’s trick-or-treat bags carefully and keep them in a place your pet can’t reach. If your pet does ingest something toxic, please contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888)426-4435.
  2. Candle Caution – Candles in a jack-o’-lantern add an adorable touch, but be cautious of your pets as these pumpkins are easily knocked over by pets and can cause a fire. Curious kittens are especially at risk of burning their paws as candles flickering in a pumpkin may look like a new toy to some cats.
  3. Pet Costume Safety – Only pets who genuinely enjoy wearing a costume should wear one, as unwanted stress may occur. Costumes should be comfortable and not constrict the animal’s movement, hearing or impede its ability to breath. Costumes should also not have any small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces as this may cause a pet to choke.
  4. Prevent Door Dashing – As trick-or-treaters ring the door bell all night long, be sure your pets are not able to dart out. Keeping them in a closed bedroom will prevent this from occurring and help keep them calm if they are stressed.
  5. Identification – Always make sure your pet is wearing proper identification, so that you can be reached in the event your pet is lost. Be sure to check your local shelter first thing in the morning if your pet is missing.

Following these tips will help keep all four-legged family members safe this weekend. Additional information for Halloween Pet Safety tips can be found on ASPCA’s website.

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