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onePULSE Foundation Awarded Up to $10 million in Tourism Development Tax Funding by Orange County Board of County Commissioners for Land Acquisition and Design for the Pulse Museum

OnePulse Foundation logoOrlando, Fla. – Oct. 30, 2018 – The onePULSE Foundation, the official nonprofit managing the design, construction, and operation of a permanent museum to the June 12, 2016 tragedy, today was awarded up to $10 million in hotel-tax revenues by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to help it acquire land and create designs for its proposed museum. During the BCC meeting, the members present unanimously approved the funding.

The Tourism Development Tax funding is a significant step in fulfilling onePULSE’s mission to create a sanctuary of hope which honors all those affected by the tragedy at Pulse Nightclub. Over the past two years, the foundation has communicated with the survivors, families, first responders, and the community to gather input and ideas on how best to honor the 49 angels taken that tragic day. With the support of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, the Orange County BCC, the Tourism Development Council, and the Application Review Committee, onePULSE Foundation has illustrated the viability and importance of its mission.

“Of all the things our community has experienced, nothing will ever compare to the shattering tragedy of June 12, 2016. Yet as dark and devastating as that day was, I remember how inspired I was by the strength, unity, compassion and love that poured forth from all parts of Central Florida, throughout the nation and around the globe,” said Mayor Teresa Jacobs. “I am immensely proud of the Board’s historic decision to approve funding to help build the Pulse museum.

Jacobs added: “This will be a sacred space that will tell the story of Pulse and our 49 angels, while ensuring future generations learn from the detrimental impact of hate, bigotry, discrimination and intolerance. We will never forget the 49 angels we lost or the impact this tragedy had on everyone in our region, especially our LGBTQ, Latinx and Hispanic communities. This museum sends a clear message that hate will not win and love will always prevail.”

Richard Maladecki of the Central Florida Hospitality Industry, who has worked with onePULSE Foundation throughout this process, said, “The Pulse Tragedy must be remembered by our – and future – generations. The Central Florida Hospitality Industry believes a permanent, interactive museum will advance the principles of human decency and will honor, with dignity, those individuals that perished on June 12, 2016.”

“onePULSE Foundation is beyond grateful to Mayor Jacobs and the Board of County Commissioners for approving our grant application,” said onePULSE Foundation Executive Director Barbara Poma. “We are also thankful to the Central Florida Hospitality Industry for their support and guidance during this process. There has been an amazing show of support for the creation of a museum and an expression of love and honor to those who were taken and those who will never forget that day. Our 49 angels will always be with us. We thank Orange County and its leaders for supporting us and having the utmost confidence in the onePULSE Foundation and its mission.”

In the coming months, the foundation will begin the process of developing a design for the memorial and museum.

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