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Orange County Utilities Celebrates Water Conservation Month with Workshops and Giveaways

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Every year, the state of Florida proclaims April as Water Conservation Month in an effort to educate Floridians about the importance of water conservation during its driest month of the year.

To recognize the month-long celebration, Orange County Utilities will offer its water customers a number of opportunities to make their homes and communities a more sustainable place to live.

“Orange County Utilities’ water conservation efforts are important to both the department and the Orange County community,” said Jacqueline Torbert, manager of Orange County Utilities Water Division. “April is our opportunity to celebrate these efforts by offering products and information that can help our customers both conserve water and save money on their water bill.”

The month is packed with workshops, classes and giveaways, all free to applicable Orange County Utility water customers. One of the most popular events the Utilities Department hosts each year is its Showerhead Exchange. The exchange gives customers the opportunity to exchange their old, high-flow showerheads for new, low-flow devices at no charge. Customers can also receive a maximum of one kitchen aerator and three bathroom aerators, which decrease the amount of water flow during each use.

The Showerhead Exchange will be held every Tuesday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., and every Thursday, noon – 4 p.m., throughout April at the Utilities Administration Building, located at 9150 Curry Ford Road. Additionally, the Exchange will be held on Wednesday afternoons at various locations.

Customers also look forward to the Utilities Department’s landscape workshops, as well as the rain barrel and composting class.

“Each time we host our landscape workshops and rain barrel and composting classes they fill up almost immediately,” said Carmen Santiago, Utilities Program Coordinator. “Our workshops and classes offer our water customers invaluable information and hands-on learning opportunities that they can take back to their homes and communities.”

In the landscape workshops, participants will learn the nine principles of Florida-Friendly landscaping along with the types of landscaping that can be used for yard design. The rain barrel and composting class, which has already reached maximum capacity, will show participants the benefits of rain barrels and composting. Those interested in the rain barrel class will have another opportunity when a class is held again later in the year.

Orange County Utilities invites its water customers to take part in the festivities during April’s Water Conservation Month. Events will be held in various locations around the County. Those who are interested in attending any of the events should visit www.OCConserveWater.net for location, time and eligibility information.

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