Collage image of girl painting leaves, water and a bird on a traffic box.

Street Art Promotes Community Pride in Avalon Park

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For Timber Creek High School Senior Megan Lin, community service is more than just a requirement for graduation. Through an opportunity from the school’s Parent Teacher Student Association, Lin found a way to give back to her school while expressing her creativity.

Timber Creek’s Start Something Project highlights talented student artists and promotes a positive appreciation for art in the environment. Lin, who thrived in Orange County Public Schools art classes, was excited to find out that the program approved her idea to paint a traffic box located in front of the school.  With supplies in hand, as well as with the proper permitting, Lin spent 20 hours transforming the traffic box into street art that highlights native wildlife in the area. Although her beautiful art stands out, it also blends in with the colors of nature.

This is the first traffic box painting in the area, and the program wants it to be a guide for other schools.

“Using programs already in place in Orange County is a great way to build community place-making; creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being,” said one Timber Creek parent.

Students, faculty and the surrounding community can spot Lin’s artwork near the main entrance to Timber Creek, a location where it can be enjoyed for years to come – a wonderful legacy for a senior to leave for her high school.

Timber Creek High School is located in Orange County District 4.

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