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Martin Luther King Jr. Initiative Kicks Off: Charged by Mayor Demings with Year Round Activities

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In the spirit of bringing the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to unincorporated areas of Orange County and surrounding communities year round, Mayor Jerry L. Demings has created the Orange County Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Initiative. The overall mission of the initiative is to celebrate and recognize Dr. King’s legacy through programs that promote unity, diversity and connectivity.

“Dr. King’s lifelong commitment to civil rights, nonviolence and justice for all remains promising in today’s society,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings. “Through inclusiveness and collaboration, this initiative will commemorate Dr. King’s work and legacy for years to come.”

Mayor Demings, the first African American Mayor of Orange County, believes it is vital for an initiative of this kind to be created in honor of Dr. King’s legacy and fundamental principles. The kick-off meeting took place on Nov. 19, 2019 at the Orange County Administration Building and included an overview of mission and intent, an overview of subcommittees and a roundtable discussion. The purpose of the monthly meetings is to create, establish and facilitate activities and events year-round based on the objectives outlined in the focus areas.

Subcommittee focus areas include:

  • Education & Literacy – focus on advocacy and promotion of educational and literacy programs;
  • Community Engagement & Outreach – engage the community through meaningful opportunities and experiences that encourage diversity, intersectionality and social change.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – establish cross-sector partnerships to create solutions that will move our community towards a more common ground together;
  • Public Relations & Marketing – establish fundraising and philanthropic opportunities to support various activities, events and academic awards.

Ronda Robinson, Special Assistant to Mayor Demings and the coordinator of the initiative, stressed that Orange County residents should know this initiative is for them. The goal, she said, is to provide residents with both historical and contemporary resources that promote unity, diversity and equality across all cultural spectrums of the community.

“We want residents to get involved and participate in the initiative’s planned activities,” she asserted. “Engaging cultural differences and displaying a sense of unity throughout the year breeds a sense of community growth and cohesiveness.  We believe that honoring Dr. King’s contribution to humanity as a community is a true reflection of our County’s mission and vision to be diverse.”

For more information on the Orange County Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Initiative, contact Ronda Robinson at 407-836-7370 or email

Photo Caption: Community leaders pictured who are involved in Mayor Demings’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Initiative

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