Press Releases

Commissioner S. Scott Boyd Opens Wildwood Area Road Network

The Wildwood Area Road Network is a planned partnership project that broke ground on March 12, 2012, constructing a new four-lane divided urban roadway to connect International Drive and Palm Parkway. The new roadway is named Fenton Street and includes a 420-foot long bridge over Interstate 4.

Commissioner S. Scott Boyd Leads Effort To Amend Loud Noise Ordinance

One of the most notable changes in the proposed ordinance is the shift from relying strictly on a decibel reading system to focusing on whether the noise is “plainly audible.” In addition, fees would be increased for violations, and enforcement authority would include both EPD and the Sheriff’s Office with provisions for notices, civil citations and criminal charges based on the number of times a violation occurs.

Sustainable Orange County Community Workshops

Our Sustainability Plan, known as “Our Home for Life,” continues our efforts to create a future in which Orange County will be known as the best place in the world to live, work, play and raise a family. This plan focuses on economic, environmental, societal, and cultural factors that will enhance our quality of life.

Shelter Dog Short On Time Finds Adopter In Less Than Two Hours Thanks To Social Media

ORLANDO, Fla.—February 21st, 2014—Ernie, a 3-year-old male dog, has spent the past few weeks watching adopters walk past his kennel. Shelter staff and volunteers had been stumped as to why this lovable, smart dog had gone unnoticed by visitors. Due to a last ditch effort by the shelter, Ernie was shared on Animal Services’ Facebook page and within two hours had found a new family.

Orange County Domestic Violence Commission Reports Achievements

Orange County, FL – On Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14, to symbolize that love should not hurt, the Orange County Domestic Violence Commission (DVC) will provide a report on its progress and achievements since being reconvened in February 2013. The news conference will be held at 11 a.m. in the Board of County Commissioners Chambers at 201 S. Rosalind Avenue.

Second Orange County Experience Class Graduates Friday

Orange County, FL – Citizen engagement is critically important to Orange County and Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

Not only is it vital that our citizens be involved in order to remain engaged, but every chance for citizen involvement also results in feedback and input. In order to foster this involvement, Orange County created the Orange County Experience.